Monday, November 29, 2004

The Plot Thickens... (re: VHS or Beta)

Apparently, VHS or Beta are playing in support of Swayzak! It's Swayzak's "Loops From the Bergerie Tour." Also, I have a flier that says they're playing at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS on Friday Dec. 10th. (More Details Here) I hope I'll be able to go.

The line-up is as follows:
Swayzak (Live set)
Matthew Dear (DJ Set)

So, I wonder what's going down at the Jackpot Saloon then.

Also, from Swayzak's website, they've been featured in a Motorola "Hello Moto" commercial: View it here from the Motorola site. (Must have Quicktime installed.)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Playlist Nov. 27, 2004

As I said on-air last night, all the playlists from all of my shows from the first through this one have now been uploaded. (...and much rejoicing and clinking of glasses was heard in radio- and blog-land.) Also, as posted by jdoublep in the Chatterbox (at right), VHS or Beta are playing 12/10/04 in Lawrence, KS at Jackpot Saloon.

Here's last night's playlist:
Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
Astronaut - Luna - Rendezvous
The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen (R)
Frankly Mr. Shankly - The Smiths
Sleepwalker - Gang of Four
The Passenger (Iggy Pop cover) - Siouxsie & The Banshees (R)
Scary Monsters & Super Creeps - David Bowie (R)
Want You More! - Duran Duran - Astronaut (R)
Remind Me To Smile - Gary Numan (R)
Satellite Ecstatica - Pop Will Eat Itself
Hamlet (Pow Pow Pow) - Birthday Party (R)
Finisterre - St. Etienne - Travel Edition 1990-2005 (R)
Jezebel - Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo
No More Heroes - The Stranglers
Night on Fire - VHS or Beta - Night on Fire
Johnny Chrome & Silver - Nancy Boy
One Day - APB (R)
I Did It Just The Same - The Eurythmics
Giddyup - Baby - Baby
Coldsweat - The Sugarcubes (R)
Strobe Light - The B-52s
Kiss That Frog - Peter Gabriel
Living On The Ceiling - Blancmange
My Secret Garden - Depeche Mode
Photographic (Depeche Mode cover) - Freezepop
Why Don't You Call Me Back - My Robot Friend - Hot Action!
And She Was (live) - David Byrne - Live at Union Chapel
Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants
Remote Control - Beastie Boys
Sanskrit - Isidore - Isidore
Dream Attack - New Order
Daisy Chain for Satan - My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult
Pale Shelter - Tears for Fears
Big Store - The Devils
Locust - A-Ha
Tears Are Not Enough - ABC
So It Goes - Nick Lowe
Through The Hedge - The Bevis Frond - Hit Squad
Way Behind Me - The Primitives (R)
Christine - The House of Love
Globe of Frogs - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians

(R) = Request

Monday, November 22, 2004

Playlist Nov. 20, 2004 (Interview: The Futureheads)

Did a little interview with Jaff the bassist (aka "bass-master") of The Futureheads. I hope it sounded alright, because, as per usual, I thought of more questions after the fact!

Happy Turkey Week everyone!

Here's the list:
Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Reserved - PS - Double Standards
Sex Crime (1984) - The Eurythmics
We're The Pet Shop Boys - My Robot Friend - Hot Action!
It's So Hard - The Pet Shop Boys
One Day At A Time - Client - City
Speedbumps - Luna - Rendezvous

Futureheads Interview
Decent Days & Nights - The Futureheads - The Futureheads
Interview Segment
Meantime - The Futureheads - The Futureheads

Block of Artists That Influenced The Futureheads
Science Fiction - XTC
Waiting Room - Fugazi
Girl U Want - Devo

Static - The Countdown - Scratch & Sniff
No Cabaret! - VHS or Beta - Night On Fire
Still Breathing - Duran Duran - Astronaut
Somebody - Depeche Mode (R)
Melting Blue Delicious - The Wild Swans
That's Entertainment - The Jam
Proud To Fall - Ian McCulloch
Half A Person - The Smiths
Lost In The Plot - The Dears - No Cities Left
Go About Your Day - Three Alarm Fire
The Olde Headboard - Rasputina
Androgyne - Faux Fox
You Are In My Vision - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army (R)
There's No Love Between Us Anymore - Pop Will Eat Itself
Blend The Strengths/Headhunter v 3.0 - Front 242
Anyone - Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams
Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol
Monkey's Gone to Heaven - Frank Black Francis - FrankBlackFrancis
Happy Loving Couples - Joe Jackson
Don't Ask Me - Public Image Ltd.
Snow Girl - Haircut 100
Make Me Yours - Halovox - Halovox
Tainted Love vs. The Doctor - Tycho Brahe
Dramahead - The Nervous Return - Wake Up Dead
Labyrinth - The Cure (R)
The One Thing - INXS
Heaven Up Here - Echo & The Bunnymen
Pretty - The Raincoats
Party Out of Bounds - The B-52s
Left of Center - Suzanne Vega

(R) = Requests

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Playlist Nov. 13, 2004

I've mostly resurrected my APB CD, and this makes me semi-happy. I just can't get the first four tracks to cue up.

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Dime - Cake - Pressure Chief
We Care A Lot - Faith No More
Fall of Because (live) - Killing Joke - For Beginners
Girlfriend in a Coma - The Smiths (R)
Hall of Mirrors - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Common People (Pulp cover) - William Shatner (feat. Joe Jackson) - Has Been
Abattoir Blues - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues & Lyre of Orpheus
Angel - Swans
You're Out of the Computer - My Robot Friend - Hot Action!
Power Au Go-Go - Suicide
Are You Receiving Me - XTC
I'll Kiss You - Cyndi Lauper (R)
Lovable Losers - Faux Fox - Cusp of the Precipice
Between Us & Them - Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams
Who Are You. Defenders of the Universe - The Dears - No Cities Left
Nothing - Depeche Mode (R)
The Model - Kraftwerk
Hunting High & Low - A-Ha
Even The Oxen - Jonny Polonsky - The Power of Sound
Life During Wartime (live) - David Byrne - Live At Union Chapel (DVD audio sampler)
What Kind of Girl? - APB
Robot - The Futureheads - The Futureheads
Oh Fine - French Kicks
Close To The Edit - Art of Noise
It's Not Right - Devo
Just Fascination - Cabaret Voltaire
Subbacultcha - Frank Black Francis - FrankBlackFrancis
The Circus (remix) - Erasure
Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah mix) - My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult (R)
Cheesecake Truck - King Missile
Nothing Can Stop Us - St. Etienne - Travel Edition 1990 - 2005
Mothers Talk - Tears For Fears
Nice - Duran Duran - Astronaut
Desert Sky - T.H. White - More Than Before
Clouds - Cibo Matto
One Day - APB (R)
Trust - See Venus
Stand & Deliver - Adam Ant
Kyoto Song - The Cure
Nobody's Diary - Yazoo
We Are So Fragile - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
Love Is The Drug - Dad's Porno Mag
Let's Stick Together (G. Harrison cover) - Bryan Ferry

(R) = Requests

Saturday, November 13, 2004

New Music Rec.

Okay, I've been rockin' out all day to some new tune-age (some cool, some not-so), and this is what I have to say, faithful listeners/readers:

You have got to check out the new album by My Robot Friend called "Hot Action."

I think the best tracks on this album are: You're Out of the Computer, I am The Robot, We're The Pet Shop Boys (massive nod, and the PSB apparently cover it), I Know What Women Want, Walking Jewish (though it's a bit lewd for airplay).

There are some tracks from the album to check out on their website (, but also notable is a killer cover of Blondie's "Rapture." Some of their music is kind of like if They Might Be Giants went electro.

Other recommendations:
FrankBlackFrancis by Frank Black Francis (aka Frank Black)
Yeah, this guitarist/vocalist of The Pixies has released a CD of 1987 Pixies demos he recorded on their then producer's cassette walkman along with a second CD of reworked Pixies tunes.

David Byrne has a new live DVD out, and there are quite a few Talking Heads songs on there.

Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus
This new double album is pretty cool, though I'm not a big Nick Cave fan.

William Shatner - Common People (from upcoming album "Has Been")
Yes, Captain Kirk has a new album out, and the cover of Pulp's "Common People" featuring backing vox from Joe Jackson is pretty darned cool.

More later, no doubt!


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Playlist Nov. 6, 2004

Last night I had way more calls than I'm used to, I think. I don't mind it, but it's so infernally random.

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Hounds of Love (Kate Bush) - The Futureheads - The Futureheads
Beat My Guest - Adam Ant
A Different Story - Peter Schilling
Under The Milkyway - The Church
Bedroom Toys - Duran Duran - Astronaut (R)
Butt Naked (Demo of "Be My Icon")- Duran Duran
Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) - Icicleworks
Boston - Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo
We Can Have It - The Dears - No Cities Left
Blue Highway - Billy Idol
We Have A Technical (cut off, rerun at end) - Tubeway Army/Gary Numan (R)
Leave In Silence - Depeche Mode
Scientist - The Dandy Warhols
These Things Take Time - The Smiths
Lips Like Sugar (12" mix) - Echo & The Bunnymen (R)
Howard Hughes - Rasputina (R)
1973 - TH White - More Than Before
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - St. Etiennne - Travel Edition 1990 - 2005
Ghost In You - Psychedelic Furs (R)
Love On Your Side - The Thompson Twins
Oblivion (Don Nadi 2004 Mix) - Real Life - Imperfection
I'll Kiss You - Cyndi Lauper
I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses (R)
Comforts of Absence - The Somnambulants
Watch - Controller.Controller
Magnificent Seven - The Clash
I'm Deranged - David Bowie
The Love Cats - The Cure
Colony - Joy Division
Waiting Room - Fugazi
The Truth Hits Everybody - The Police
Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I) - Yaz
Lorelei - Cocteau Twins
Girlfriend is Better (live) - Talking Heads
Motorcrash - The Sugar Cubes (R)
I'm A Cult Hero - Cult Hero
We Have A Technical - Tubeway Army/Gary Numan

(R) - Request

Friday, November 05, 2004

Further Validation That KC Rocks

Get this! For those of you who don't know, Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls (if you don't have a copy of their self-titled CD, you simply must get one) does a bit of blogging/online-journaling herself, and recently had something cool to say about the show they played in Kansas City on October 17th.

In an excerpt from her 10/22 posting, she writes:
the local shows in the south have been pretty well attended and the people we've been meeting have been inspiring and beautiful. performers have just begun to emerge from the woodwork in different places and the brigade is gaining momentum. kansas city was a trip and a half...we flew in for one show to support pj harvey and sonic youth at a large theater. since we'd been getting radio play (a lot of it) we were astounded to actually play to a captive audience of about 2000 folks who were familiar with the album and completely into the show.....we'd expected to feel like an opener (with everybody sort of milling in and curiosly checking us out, at best). it felt incredible, quite a step up for our wee band. pj harvey cancelled (something having to do with a missed flight or a canadian border holdup). i was disappointed not to be able to meet her, but we did get to play a longer set. the folks from sonic youth were plenty friendly and had very kind things to say and share.

...and this is just one of the things that shows how much Kansas City doth rock.


Monday, November 01, 2004

Playlist Oct. 30, 2004 (Halloween Show)

In case you hadn't gathered, I do so love Halloween! The eerie music behind my voice had me talking more than usual for some reason, so I didn't fit in as many songs as usual. Last night (10/31), I dressed up and gave out candy to the few kiddies out trick-or-treating. What a miserable night for trick-or-treating! It was wonderfully dark and spooky with beautiful leaves all over the place, but too wet to get many kids out.

Background music:
artist - album
Massive Attack - Motion Picture Soundtrack to Danny The Dog [NEW]
Manheim Steamroller - Halloween [NEW]
Various - Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Hunger

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Ghosting - Isidore - Isidore
Watch - Sisters of Mercy
Robot - The Futureheads - The Futureheads
Creature (w/ nod to The Cure) - Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo
Halo - Depeche Mode
Music For Vampires - The Cocteau Twins (R)
Astronaut - Luna - Rendezvous
Something In My House - Dead or Alive
Fly On The Windscreen - Halovox - Halovox
Burning Dirt - My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult
Dark Circles - The Devils
Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Monster In My Pants - The B-52s
Lady Ice - Arcadia
Blend The Strengths - Front 242 (R)
A Song For Europe (Roxy Music cover) - David Gahan
Stygmata Martyr (Dance Mix) - Bauhaus
Desperate Guys - The Faint - Wet From Birth
Hot Ride - The Prodigy
Death To Death - Stars
A Night Like This - The Cure
Pet Semetary - Ramones
I Believe/All I Need - Duran Duran
Know Your Rights - The Clash
HorrorBeach - HorrorPops
Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol
(Even though I meant to play Flesh For Fantasy.)
Discotheque CVB - Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The Smiths
East of Eden - Dead Can Dance
Days of Swine & Roses - My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult
Halloween - Siouxsie & The Banshees (R)
Dead Man Walking - David Bowie
Devil In My Car - The B-52s (R)

As always, (R) = Requests