Sunday, February 25, 2007

Playlsit Feb 24, 2007

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Keep It Amazed - French Kicks
French Disko (c. Stereolab) - Editors
Bubble Wrap - Woven
Shadow and Shadow - The Prids
North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem - Sound & Silver
Here Comes The Rain Again - The Eurythmics
Come Alive - The Devils
THe Metro - Berlin (R)
The Sun & The Rainfall - Depeche Mode
Start Again - Ian McCulloch
Apollo 9 - Adam Ant
I Send A Message - INXS (R)
Answer Me - Anything Box
One Step Beyond - Madness (R)
The Saint Theme - Orbital
Lucretia My Reflection - Sisters of Mercy (R)
That Smiling Face - Camouflage
Party Girl (live) - U2
Christian Soldier - Rasputina
So In Love - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Temptation - New Order (R)
Sixteen Different Flavours of Hell - Pop Will Eat Itself
Musidora - Isidore
Walk Like Me - Blondie
Sleeping Lessons - The Shins - Wincing The Night Away
Effigy (I'm Not An) - Ministry

(R) = Requests

Friday, February 23, 2007

Playlist Feb 17, 2007

Back down to 2 hours again. Many thanks to Michael T. Justice for letting me go to 2am for a while.

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Secret (12" vers.) - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Chinese Rock (c. Ramones) - The Countdown
Sister Europe - The Psychedelic Furs
Russian Radio (ext. remix) - Red Flag
Why - Bronski Beat
Lotus - 17 Pygmies - 13 Blackbirds
Pace of Patience - Love of Diagrams - EP
Reasons to be Cheerful, Part III - Ian Drury & The Blockheads (R)
Satan Said Dance - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder
Behind The Wheen (Shep Pettibone mix) - Depeche Mode (R)
Pure Chance - The Church - Uninvited, Like The Clouds
Booze Blues - Suki Tawdry (D)
Generals & Majors - XTC (R)
Speeding - The Creatures
Down In It - Nine Inch Nails (R)
Sleeping Dogs - Flesh for Lulu
The Globe - Big Audio Dynamite
Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes - Buck Brothers - Me
Interestng Drug - Morrissey
Next To You - The Police (R)
I'm Not Down - The Clash
Dream Home Heartache (c. Roxy Music) - Xan
Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
The Hanging Garden - The Cure

(R) = Requests
(D) = Dedication

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Thanks to The Time Being, which I've been addicted to since the middle of last week, I've written a blog entry in my myspace blog. For some reason I have issues with hanging too much of myself out there, but I'm trying to be better at being open. I still think that this space is strictly supposed to be for playlist archives. Perhaps I'll do a sub-blog here. Perhaps not. I have too much writing space presently and think there are too few that care to read it. I can't deviate much from including music in it, as music (listening/DJing) is my passion. Anyway, if you myspace, you may add me if you want to respond or contribute to the thought process, if you don't, you can still read me.

Playlist Feb 10, 2007

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
The Pyramid - Love of Diagrams - EP
Love Is The Drug (c. Roxy Music) - Dad's Porno Mag
Lady Shave - Fad Gadget
Sleeping Lessons - The Shins - Wincing The Night Away
All The Madmen - David Bowie (R)
Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups (D)
North, South, East & West - The Church
Ringfinger - Nine Inch Nails (R)
Sex, Money, Freaks - Cabaret Voltaire
Terror! - The Rakes
Computer Love - Covox - 8-Bit Operators: Kraftwerk Tribute
What Kind of Girl? - APB
Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes - They Might Be Giants
Let Me Go (extended) - Heaven 17
North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
The Rule of V - Roman Numerals
There's A Beat for You - Pseudo Echo
No One Ever Dies Young - Favourite Sons
Sugar Hooker - Jerra
Run, Run, Run, Run, Run - The Buck Brothers - Me
Emily Kane - Art Brut
Driving Manual Auto - Kaito UK
Strung Out - Dot Allison (R)
Keep Me In The Dark - Arcadia
Hairdresser on Fire - Morrissey
Are "Friends" Electric - Gary Numan
Office Girls - Klark Kent (R)
What You Need (Disco Remix) - INXS
Far Gone & Out - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Autoloader - Sister Machine Gun
Nifty - Monc
Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Driven To Tears - The Police
In Your Room - Depeche Mode (R)
Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson
Blue Savannah - Erasure
Medazzaland - Duran Duran
Lipstick - Extra Blue Kind

(I failed to write down the very last song! If anyone happens to remember it, please speak up. EDIT: Thanks go out to Byron for helping me out. The last track was "Lipstick" by Extra Blue Kind)

(R) = Requests
(D) = Dedication

Friday, February 09, 2007

Playlist Feb 2, 2007

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Totally Wired - The Fall
The Things You Said - Depeche Mode
I Eat Cannibals - Toto Coelo
Known - Roman Numerals
I Don't Know What It Is - Pete Shelley
Broken Heart - Red Flag
Waiting Room - Fugazi
Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
In Search of My Rose - The Tear Garden
One Man Wrecking Machine - Guster
Collaborate - Five Star Crush - Sleepless Nights EP
Be With Me - Vast
Showroom Dummies - Role Model - 8-bit Operators
Little Betty - World Service
I Wanna Be Sedated (c. Ramones) - Shonen Knife
Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys
Ken Barbie Love - Men Without Hats
One More Time - Joe Jackson
A Song For Europe (c. Roxy Music) - Dave Gahan
Dream of Me (Based on Love's Theme) - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Colour Me - Dot Allison
The Cape - Ian McCulloch
Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears
Black Balloon - Mink Lungs (R)
Only A Memory - Smithereens
Mr. Disco - New Order
My Heart So Blue - Erasure
Energy - Apples In Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder
Starman (c. Bowie) - Nosferatu
Drop - Jesus & Mary Chain
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls - Talking Heads
Silent Seven - Controller.Controller
Dance Away (live) - Roxy Music (R)
Sing Your Life - Morrissey
Answer Me - Anything Box
Fade Away & Radiate - Blondie
Paranoiattack - The Faint
Baby Six String - Dressy Bessy
Barely Listening - Pilot Speed
Pace or The Patience - Love of Diagrams - EP
Available - Moving Units
Push - The Cure

(R) = Requests

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Playlist Jan 27, 2007

Thankfully, Mike T Justice put the playlists for the two weeks prior to this in my mailbox at the station. So, now I've got everything up-to-date on this playlist blog. (Finally!)

Here was last week's list:
Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Missionary Man - The Eurythmics
Where Your Eyes Don't Go - They Might Be Giants
Ready Steady Go - Generation X
All The Madmen (c. Bowie) - Alien Sex Fiend
Driving Thru The Rain - Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes
Peace, Love & Understanding - Elvis Costello
Anarchy in The UK - Dealership
Mothers Talk - Tears For Fears
The Glow - The Prids
Disintegration - The Cure
Life Begins at the Hop - XTC
Under Spinning Lights - Five Star Crush - Sleepless Nights EP
Way Behind Me - The Primitives
Tacoland - Dead Milkmen
Feltham is Singing Out - Hard-Fi
On Your Radio - Joe Jackson
Love You More - Buzzcocks
It's Not Right - Devo (D)
Goodbye Girls - Broadcast
Untoward - The Church
Young Savage - Ultravox
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not - She Wants Revenge
Rip It Up Start Again - Beautiful Balloon
I'm Deranged - David Bowie (R)
Whispering Streets - Barry Adamson
We Used to Be Friends - The Dandy Warhols
The Robots (c. Kraftwerk) - Bacalao - 8-bit Operators
Bombers - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
The Body - Public Image Ltd
Mannish Girl - The Buck Brothers - Me
Dance This Mess Around - B-52s
Pink Vapor Stew - Fishbone
Blind Vision - Blancmange
Spanish Bombs - The Clash
Mannequin - Wire
Planet Earth (night version) - Duran Duran (R)
Revenge - Ministry
Celebrate - Real Life
It's Called A Heart - Depeche Mode
Ca Plain Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
Speeding - The Creatures
Us - Regina Spektor
Not Enough Time - INXS

(R) = Requests
(D) = Dedication