Sunday, December 21, 2003

Playlist Dec. 20, 2003 (Holiday Show)

Always Winter Never Christmas - XTC
Winter Marches On - Duran Duran
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Inside Out (live) - The Mighty Lemon Drops
She Won't Be Home - Erasure
Frosty The Snowman - The Cocteau Twins
Good Day - The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
Ginger Snaps - Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork
The Chanaka Song - Adam Sandler
Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid (I)
The Sea - Morcheeba
Slap That Bass (Miguel Miggs Petal-pusher remix) - Ella Fitzgerald
Blue Christmas 2000 - Dead or Alive
Elektro Kardiogramm - Kraftwerk
Sleepwalk - Ultravox
Oi To The World - No Doubt
Stripped - Depeche Mode
Merry Christmas - The Ramones
Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello
I Fought The Law (live) - The Clash
Santa Claus & His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong (R)
Love Is  A Stranger - The Eurythmics
WInter Wonderland - Annie Lennox
Black & White (extended) - INXS
Pillar - Woven
One Christmas Catalogue - Captain Sensible

(R) = Request

Monday, December 15, 2003

Playlist Dec. 14, 2003

Strangers When We Meet - David Bowie
Don't Let's Start - They Might Be Giants
Aping Friends - Millionaire
99 Red Balloons - Nena
All That Money Wants - Psychedelic Furs
Wise up, Sucker! - Pop Will Eat Itself
Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
A Different Story - Peter Schilling
These Things Take Time - The Smiths
Answer Me - Anything Box
Death To Death - Stars - Heart*
Guns of Brixton - The Clash
Nobody's Diary - Yaz
Remember I Was Vapor - Gary Numan (R)
But Not Tonight - Depeche Mode (R)
Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls - Book of Love (R)
Private Idaho - The B-52s (R)
Emerge - FischerSpooner (R)
Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls*
You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties - Jona Lewis
World Destruction - Time Zone
New Killer Star - David Bowie - Reality*
Hot Hot Hot - The Cure (R)

as always:  * = New Stuff, (R) = Requests.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Playlist Dec. 6, 2003

Kidney Bingos - Wire
Real Toys - Altered Images
The Sound of Single Girls - Three Alarm Fire
Catch My Fall - Billy Idol
Face The Change - INXS
Truth Hits Everybody - The Police
Driving Manual Auto - KaitO
Love Out Me - Siouxsie & The Banshees (R)
Sleepwalker - Gang of Four
Sacred Heart - O.M.D.
I Dig U - Cult Hero
Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo (R)
Bad Mouth - Fugazi
Wave of Mutilation - Pixies
All Tomorrow's Parties - The Velvet Underground
Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) - Icicle Works
Troposphere - Steve Burns*
Such A Good Lover - John Taylor
Redemption Song (Bob Marley cover) - Joe Strummer & The Mescarlaeros*
Namia's Love Song (DJ Spina Remix) - Betty Carter
Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode
Left To My Own Devices - Pet Shop Boys
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
The Night You Murdered Love - ABC (R)
Happy - PiL (R)
Atmosphere - Joy Division
Say Hello To The Angels - Interpol

* = New, (R) = Requests