Sunday, August 20, 2006

Playlist Aug 19, 2006

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
O Stella - PJ Harvey
Young Savage - Ultravox
Can We Trust Your Architects - Roman Numerals - s/t
Oh No - The Thieves
Sell My Soul - Midnight Oil
Blind Sublime - Peter Murphy
Alien - The Vita Ruins
Christine - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Keep It Amazed - French Kicks - Two Thousand
Sons of the Burgess Shale - Bell Hollow - Sons of the Burgess Shale EP
Satellite - Guster - Ganging Up On The Sun
Space Needle - The Church - Uninvited, Like The Clouds
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys

Random Duo ... Freddy Mercury Reincarnated?
Idecide - What Made Milwaukee Famous - Trying To Never Catch Up
Hellodrama - " "

Autobahn Music Box - Cut Copy
Family Man - Nitzer Ebb
UV Ray - Jesus & Mary Chain
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Rip It Up & Start Again - Beautiful Balloon
SUV - Faux Fox
Disappointed - Morrissey
Hearing Aid - They Might Be Giants
Disorder - Joy Division
We're The Pet Shop Boys - My Robot Friend
Lousy Reputation - We Are Scientists
Killer/Love - Moving Units
Flickering Wall - Ian McCulloch
Sugar - Ladytron
Gravity - Greenlight
Store Song - The Pill (NYC)
Road Runner - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Bokkie - Elefant
Pyrite Pedestal - Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
Open Your Arms - Editors - The Back Room
(I Heard You Singing) On The Radio - Bang Bang
Planet Claire - The B-52s
The Darkest Star - Depeche Mode
Vitamin (live) - Kraftwerk
1977 - The Clash (R)
Sister Europe - The Psychedelic Furs

Random Duo
Everyone's Getting It But Me - John Taylor
Down Again - "

(R) = Requests

The Gary Numan Show @ Record Bar 8/15/06

Somehow I completely forgot to mention the Gary Numan show during tonight's show! I had a great time at the show. The opening band were called New Skin, and they were a really good british goth-rock type of band. I wish I'd picked up their EP at the merch booth.

He sang a few old songs (Down In The Park, Are "Friends" Electric?, and Cars) mixed in with songs from Jagged and the albums immediately prior to it (admittedly, I am not good at recognizing all his songs). I know they did Slave and Prayer for the Dying, but I'm fuzzy on the other songs. Tim Finn in The KC Star did a little write-up on it, though and he had a set-list included. I'm not sure if it's accurate, though.

Gary was sounding and looking great and was very energetic. He seemed to really enjoy the audience's response to just about everything he played (being that the whole crowd seemed to love it all). I loved seeing a few grins on the man's face. He got right up to the edge of the stage while singing, and was head-banging and dancing to the beat. Loved it!

Here are some photos my friend took at the show:

Photo (c) D. Davis

Photo (c) D. Davis

Photo (c) D. Davis

OH... and the follow-up to the Numan Interview saga! I managed to schedule another brief phone call to record station IDs, and I got to find out what happened on his end and tell him what happened on mine. He laughed at the irony of the situation (as did I), being that I was talking about "We Have A Technical" and "Me! I Disconnect From You" right before we got disconnected. He said he thought he'd bored me to death and that I'd hung up on him. I thought he hung up on me, being that the last thing he was talking about was how the lyrics on Jagged are too personal and embarrassing to go into. We were both wrong. He must have been traveling while talking to me, and must have gone out of range of his phone's network. I was grateful that at least we got as much conversation as we did before it dropped out. Never fear, though! I'll get a chance to interview him again in the future. I've discovered that this current tour of the US is a precursor to a more extensive tour in April of '07!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Playlist Aug 12, 2006 (Gary Numan Interview)

It was such a privilege to get to talk to Gary Numan this week, I just wish it hadn't been cut off so abruptly. I had a couple more questions and things I wanted to talk about, but all in all, it worked out okay, I think.

I'm looking forward to the live show on Tuesday, aren't you? I admittedly got a little carried away in doing my post interview tribute, but I guess it happens.
Here's tonight's playlist:

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Puss & Boots - Adam Ant
TVC 15 - David Bowie
Telephone Operator - Pete Shelley
Christian Soldiers - Rasputina
Favourite Shirts - Haircut 100
Stray Cat Strut (live) - Stray Cats
To Say (artrocker ver.) - Kaito UK
Close to Me - The Cure
This Charming Man - Stars
Fingers In The Factories - Editors
Speed Racer - Devo
Do It Clean - Echo & The Bunnymen
Visions of Charles - World Service
I'm Not Down - The Clash
Told You So - Depeche Mode
The Last Time - Fade 13
Only A Memory - The Smithereens
Shuriya Moon - Bell Hollow - Sons of The Burgess Shale EP
Talking Loud & Clear - OMD
And She Was - Talking Heads
So Far We Are - French Kicks - Two Thousand

-- Gary Numan Interview & Tribute --
Slave - Gary Numan (Jagged)
Bombers - Tubeway Army (s/t)
In A Dark Place - Gary Numan (Jagged)
It Must Have Been Years - Tubeway Army (Replicas)
We Are So Fragile (live) - " (Live In London)
The Angel Wars - " (Exile)
Scanner - " (Jagged)
Me! I Disconnect from You - Tubeway Army (Replicas)

Nocturnal House - Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
TV Blood - Tarwater
Rock & Roll Evacuation - Electric Six

(R) = Requests

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Playlist Aug. 5, 2006

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Otherwise - Morcheeba
Tricky Kid - Tricky
Russian Radio (glasnost club mix) - Red Flag
New York, NY (German version) - Nina Hagen
Nothing Gold - Faux Fox
Music Non-stop - Kraftwerk
Alsatian Cousin (live) - Morrissey
Friend or Foe - Adam Ant
I Deserve It - Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
Burning Blue - Liam MacDonald (R)
Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins
Desire - Gus Gus
Ribbons - Sisters of Mercy
The Passenger - Iggy Pop
Satellite Ecstatica - Pop Will Eat Itself
Charlotte Anne - Julian Cope
Celebrate - Real Life
Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls - Book of Love
Smog - Moev
Where Your Eyes Don't Go - They Might Be Giants
Little Betty - World Service - s/t
Love on Your Side - The Thompson Twins
A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode (R)
There's A Beat For You - Pseudo Echo (R)
Emily Kane - Art Brut
Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) - Icicle Works
Don't Care - Klark Kent
Changes - The Perfects
First Base - The Capes
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim (R)
Alice's House - Pyschedelic Furs
Movement - LCD Soundsystem
Future - Cut Copy
This Is Radio Clash - The Clash
I Dig U - Cult Hero
That's Entertainment - The Jam
Everything That Rises Must Coverge - Shriekback
Slave - Gary Numan - Jagged

(R) = Requests