Sunday, December 17, 2006

Playlist Dec. 16, 2006

I've added tonight's club/concert calendar to the bottom of this entry.
Track - Artist - Album (if new)
A Different Story - Peter Schilling
Ladytron - Roxy Music
Paris Is Burning - Romance
The Chauffeur - Duran Duran
The Young Parisiens - Adam & The Ants
The Light Pours Out of Me - Magazine
The Love Kills Theory - The Love Kills Theory - Happy Suicide, Jim
Formed A Band - Art Brut (R)
Cobra Commander - Autonomadic - Cobra Commander EP
You Tear Me Up - Buzzcocks
November Spawned A Monster - Morrissey
Sugar Hiccup (12") - Cocteau Twins
Anthem for Ophelia - The Spirit Girls - Forever Free...
How Do You Spell Hannukah? - The LeeVees
Here Comes Your Man - The Pixies (R)
Know Your Rights - The Clash
Birthday - Broken Spindles
Dark Circles - The Devils (R)
Quiet Please - Eightcubed - Simple Dances
Maybe Someday - Richard Butler
Killer/Lover - Moving Units
Strung Out - Dot-Allison
Twin Killers - Deerhoof
Johnny & Mary - Robert Palmer
Bullets - Editors
Traveling Companion - The Sombnambulants
Fascination Street (live) - The Cure
Sexy Boy - Air
Office Girls - Klark Kent (R)
Photographic - Depeche Mode
Worldwide - Fade13
Hyperactive - Thomas Dolby
Celebrate - Real Life
Bedbugs & Ballyhoo - Echo & The Bunnymen

Bizarro Cover
Lay All Your Love on Me (c. Abba) - The Information Society

Plan B - Brett Sheiber - Life From Planet XS
I Beg Your Pardon - Kon Kan
Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
Talk To Me - APB
Also Ran - French Kicks (faded out for beginning of next show)

(R) = Requests

R2E2 Club/Concert Calendar for 12/16/06
Sun. Dec. 17th - Homegrown Showcase w/ Mikey Needleman/Distance To Empty/ Lindsay Lou & The Stolen Winebagoes@ Jerry's Bait Shop in Lenexa
Mon. Dec. 18th - The Deftones @ Uptown
Tues. Dec. 19th - The Aural Exciter w/ DJs Robert More & Tulipana @ Record Bar
Wed. Dec. 20th - Kill Hannah @ Record Bar
Fri. Dec. 22nd - Wanda Jacksdon Christmas Show w/ The Rumblejetts, & Miss Major and Her Mood Swings @ Knuckleheads
Sat. Dec. 23rd - Melted Christmas w/ DJ C-Vaughn, DJ 4-Star and more @ Balancas
Tues. Dec. 26th - The Aural Exciter w/ DJs Robert More & Tulipana @ Record Bar
Fri. Dec. 29th - Roman Numerals/Namelessnumberheadman/Stella Link @ Record Bar
Sun. Dec. 31st - Anvil Chorus/Supernauts/This Alibi & more @ The Hurricane
- - - Also Dec. 31st - Vedera @ Main St. Cafe
Fri. Jan 5th - Rattle & Hum: A Tribute to U2 @ Record Bar
Tues. Mar. 13th - Scissor Sisters @ Uptown Theatre

Clubs Around Town
Medieval Mondays (for Gothic Industrial Dance & fetish) @ Davey's Uptown
Neon Dance Party (feat. Grey Radio) @ The Bottleneck
& DJ Tex spins Rockabilly & Retro @ The Point (downstairs in the Olive Pit Lounge)
Ultimate 80s Night @ Jilly's on Broadway

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Playlist Dec. 10, 2006 (Best of 2006)

Of course once I got home, I thought of another band whose album came out this year that I've been listening to from end to end for about a month now, and that's Favourite Sons' album "Down Beside Your Beauty." The vocals to me sound like what the lovechild of Robert Smith and Lou Reed would sound like. Definitely worth checking out. You can hear some of it on their myspace page here. The following is the playlist for tonight. You'll notice that a large portion of it is my "best of 2006" list. I will put an asterisk (*) next to albums that I have heard in their entirety and like as a whole. This doesn't mean that the others without asterisks suck, it just means I haven't had time to listen to the whole album/ep. Please also note that this list is not ranked at all, and that 27 albums and eps are represented.

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Stakeout - Freezepop
Weekend - Ladytron
Spring Fever - Digitata

Best of 2006
All Sparks - Editors - The Back Room (*)
One Man Wrecking Machine - Guster - Ganging Up on The Sun(*)
Tightly Wound - The Capes - Hello (*)
Enough For You & Me - Conner - Hello Graphic Missile (*)
On The Radio - Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
Broken Aeroplanes - Richard Butler - s/t (*)
Cup at My Krater - The Lost Patrol - Lonesome Sky
Fold - Gary Numan - Jagged (*)
Steamworks - The Presets - Beams (*)
Time Stands Still - Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love (*)
Life Is A Pigsty - Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am... (*)
Space Needle - The Church - Uninvited Like the Clouds (*)
The Glow - The Prids - Until The World Is Beautiful (*)
Please Don't Leave - Fade13 - s/t EP
Modern Art - Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock 'n' Roll (*)
For Your Entertainment - Charlatans UK - Simpatico
Days are #'d - Bang! Bang! - Decked Out
Keep It Amazed - French Kicks - Two Thousand (*)
This Scene Is Dead - We Are Scientists - With Love & Squalor (*)
Don't Panic (The Way It Is) - Hisato and the 1907s - s/t EP
Can We Trust Your Architect? - Roman Numerals - s/t (*)
I Don't Want To Fall In Love - She Wants Revenge (*)
Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle - Be Your Own Pet - s/t
Nothing Gold - Faux Fox - Endless Pursuit EP
Sons of the Burgess Shale - Bell Hollow - Sons of the Burgess Shale EP (*)
Pyrite Pedestal - Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
-- End Best of '06 --

Ceremony (c. Joy Division) - Xiu Xiu
Why Can't I Be You? - The Cure (R)
Many Worlds Are Born Tonight - Happy Rhodes
Mais Je Vous Aime - Suki Tawdry
Einstein, Albert - Artichoke
Dancing w/ Joey Ramone - Amy Rigby
Have You Seen My Boy? - Hello Goodbye
Snowblind - Swayzak

(*) = albums I've heard in their entirety and loved them as a whole
(R) = Requests

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Light A Candle

Bristol Myers is donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund every time someone goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

Please forward widely.

It takes a second to raise a dollar.