Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Playlist Jan 22, 2005

Hello radio-/blog-land,
I must apologize to anyone who showed up at Slammerz tonight. They had equipment issues that were beyond my control, so I couldn't spin tonight. Look for me next week, though, because they've assured me they'll have it resolved by then. I'll try to keep on top of the situation, though.

Back in the swing of things...

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Red-Eye Express - Devo
Office Girls - Klark Kent
Chinese Rocks (Ramones cover) - The Countdown
No Man's Land - New Model Army
Something Better Change - The Stranglers
Death of a Disco Dancer - The Smiths (R)
Geisha Mermaid - The Legendary Pink Dots
I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground cover) - The Primitives
How We Do - Mount Sims
Girlfriend Is Better - Talking Heads
Seven Seas - Echo & The Bunnymen
Things You Said (Depeche Mode cover) - Nathan Stack
Russian Radio (ext. remix) - Red Flag
Sleepwalker - Gang of Four
Love In A Void (Peel Session) - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Sub-Culture - New Order
It's My Life - Talk Talk (R)
Anyone - Moving Units
Sex Dwarf - Soft Cell
Single Again - Fiery Furnaces - (full-length) "EP"
Mirror In The Bathroom - The English Beat
E=MC(squared) - Big Audio Dynamite
Stigmata Martyr - Bauhaus
Sexuality - Billy Bragg
Tunnel of Love - Fun Boy Three
The Lovecats (acoustic) - The Cure
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair - They Might Be Giants
Undeground - Men At Work
Burning Too - Fugazi
I Am A Poseur - X-Ray Spex
Victimisanothernameforlover - Sunshine - Electro! Kill! Kill! EP
I Know What Women Want - My Robot Friend
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo
Wishing (If I Had A Photograph) (ext.) - A Flock of Seagulls

Random Duran Duran Double-take
Point of No Return - Duran Duran
Friends Of Mine - Duran Duran

Sell My Soul - Midnight Oil
New York, NY (German version) - Nina Hagen
Walking In LA - Missing Persons (R)
Satellite Ecstatica - Pop Will Eat Itself
Push - The Cure

(R) = Requests

Friday, January 21, 2005

Out & About - DJing Around Town

This just in!
I'll be DJing this and every Tuesday night at Slammerz in Westport from 9:30pm to 1:30am.   Slammerz is located on Main St. near Westport Rd, across the street from Osco/Skaggs.

Cut me some slack, though, I'm new to the club DJ thing.


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Playlists Jan 15, 2005 (+ Guest DJ)

The Guest DJ spot is something that anyone can opt for during our fund drives. For more info, visit kkfi.org.

Last night, for the first two hours, Guest DJ Jon got a chance to program his own two hour show. A fun time was had while Jon played music from his own collection. Here's Jon's R2E2 Playlist:

Track - Artist - Album
"Alice" - Tom Waits - Alice
"Fascination Street" - The Cure - Disintegration
"The Whisperers" - The The - Naked Self
"Heart's Filthy Lesson" - David Bowie - Outside
"Happy Child" - Tweaker - The Attraction To All Things Uncertain
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - The Beatles - The White Album (R)
"Dreams" - T.V. On the Radio - Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes (R)
"Show" - Beth Gibbons - Out of Season
"Six Underground" - the Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X
"Even Deeper" - NIN - The Fragile
"The Lengths" - The Black Keys - Rubber Factory
"The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy" - Radiohead - (non-album track)
"Yesterday Is Here" - Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years
"Lost Cause" - Beck - Sea Change
"Waiting Room" - Fugazi - 13 Songs
"Things Have Changed" - Bob Dylan - (non-album track)
"Daddyuwarbash" - Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong Of The Right
"What it is without the hand that wields it" - Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of
What is Effortless
"Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (R)
"Into My Arms" - Prick - The Wreckard
"Tango Till They're Sore" - Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
"Coma White" - Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
"A Warm Place" - NIN - The Downward Spiral

Then, I resumed control and broadcast my interview with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and the last hour's playlist went like this:

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
The Dresden Dolls Interview Segment
Gravity - The Dresden Dolls (s/t)
Interview w/ Amanda Palmer
The Time Has Come (live) - A Is For Accident
Half Jack - The Dresden Dolls (s/t)

Call Me (Blondie) - The Dandy Warhols
Whose Side R U On Anyway - Kiss & Ride - Someone Killed My Generation EP
Punch You Out - The Operators - The Light & Dark
Highwire Days - Psychedelic Furs (R)
Man Who Sold The World (live 1995 version) - David Bowie
Hard Day - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (R)

(R) = Request

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Playlist Jan. 8, 2005 (Interview Dresden Dolls)

I'm sorry this has taken so long to post!
Tonight we've got Guest DJ Jon who's playlisted the first two hours of the show, then I'll resume the show with more retro-y goodness, and an interview with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. Enjoy the weekend!

Track - Artist - Album (if new)
Jerkin' Back & Forth - Devo
Angel Dust - New Order
Real Toys - Altered Images
Dog Eat Dog - Adam Ant
Kenbarbielove - Men Without Hats
Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins
Shine Like It Does - INXS
Told You So - Depeche Mode
Love Me Madly - Human League
Death Disco - PiL
Crucify Me - Moev
I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses (R)
Parlez Vous Freezepop - Freezepop
Jezebel - Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo
Eighties - Killing Joke
Mayor of Simpleton - XTC
Beautiful Love - Julian Cope
Voices In My Head - The Police
Leave Me To Bleed - Erasure
Slender Fungus - Tones On Tail
Victim Is Another Name For Lover - Sunshine - Electric! Kill! Kill! (EP)
One of Our Submarines Is Missing - Thomas Dolby (R)
Single Again - The Fiery Furnaces - "EP"
Twenty-Four Hours - Joy Division (R)
Lost In The Plot - The Dears
AEIOU Sometimes Y - Ebn Ozn (R)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell (R)
Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen
Venus Sands - The Creatures
We Have A Technical - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army (R)
Train of Thought - A-Ha
We're The Pet Shop Boys - My Robot Friend - Hot Action!
Compulsion - Martin L. Gore
Sunshine & Ecstacy - Tom Tom Club
Monkey's Gone To Heaven - Pixies (R)
I'm So Bored w/ The USA - The Clash
Mannequin - Wire
Take On Me - A-Ha (R)

(R) = Requests

Friday, January 07, 2005

This Saturday Night

I'm reclaiming the helm this weekend!